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Backyard farming: small spaces and bumper crops


Why we should all become urban farmers

The benefits of being an urban farmer. Top reasons why we should all unleash the urban farmer in us.

Raised beds: 10 reasons why they are a gardeners best friend

Raised beds are coming back with a bang! Soil quality used to be sooo good that where ever you threw a seed into the ground, something grew. In comparison, modern-day gardens are baron places filled with thinning shallow topsoil. Years of bad farming and…

Free the seed: Growing tomatoes from seed with incredible results

I love gardening, and I love free stuff. One of the most exciting discoveries I made in my life was realizing I could get many of the seeds for growing plants for free, and so can you. The ‘Free the seed’ series is all…

Mulch; every gardeners secret weapon

Using the mighty mulch to protect top soil and produce even better results in the garden has never been more popular. For those new to gardening ‘mulch’ is a layer of material that lies on top of the surface soil. Mulch is commonly associated…

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