Why we should all become urban farmers

Growing fruit and veg has never been so popular, though getting starting can often seem overwhelming. You will be happy to know its more straightforward than it sounds. Many of us don’t have access to large plots of land, especially when living within the urban city limits. Even if you don’t have a large plot available, don’t despair; consider starting on a patio or even indoors. You’ll be amazed at how many tomatoes or peppers you can grow out of one pot. So get filling all those nooks and crannies! 

reusing old crates to create an urban farm on a rooftop

Still, need some convincing? 

Here are some of the top reasons why we should all unleash the urban farmer in us. 

Saving money 

It’s going in at number 1; under the current climate getting anything cheaper is a huge bonus. With the costs of vegetables going up daily, its no wonder many of us are contemplating developing a green thumb. 

Fresh produce 

Supermarkets sell the same low-quality produce, barely worthy of making it onto our plates. There’s nothing quite like eating straight from the plant. Have you ever compared a store-bought tomato to a homegrown one? The difference is like night and day, with homegrown winning every time. 


Weirdly supermarkets only sell one, at best, two types of a possible abundance of fruit and veg; the selection is dismal. At a glance, there are more than 500 varieties of avocado, but we have so little choice when we make a purchase. Mass growers just chose the most drought and disease resistant, not necessarily the best tasting. Many of them are even tastier than the ones we can buy in the stores, and if you search correctly, you can also find seeds and species suited to your climate and region—double bonus. 


If you pick, produce fresh from the plants in your garden, the risk of a bacterial infection reduces. Stomach bugs are on the rise, and nothing protects us more than growing at home. 

Reducing the carbon footprint 

Growing locally significantly reduces traveling miles from the farm to the customer. Let’s stop out of season vegetables going halfway around the world, at great expense to the planet. Astonishingly it’s estimated that the average American meal travels about 1500 miles to get from the farm to plate. Gobsmacked. 


nothing is more sacred than our primal connection with the land. This underlying need is met when we grow seeds using our own hands, and participate in the cycle of life. 


Keeping fit is not just for the gym. Gardening burns 400-600 calories per hour doing heavy work and even 250-350 calories just Mowing the lawn! The latest fitness research is showing that frequent low-level movement is just as effective as a grueling one-hour workout at keeping us fit. That’s good news for gardeners.  

Stress and anxiety relief 

Gardening is great for anyone feeling stressed out. Merely looking at the color green in nature has a soothing psychological effect. Coupled with the calming effect being around plants has on us; it is enough to relax even the most stressed person. 


Gardening is an activity for all the family, its something you could even get your local neighbors can get involved. Communities and families are becoming so distant with all the internet and modern technology. Gardening gives us something in common that’s real, and that can benefit everyone. 

Increasing Biodiversity

With many green spaces disappearing in our local cities, increasing biodiversity has never been more critical. Anything we can plant in our gardens is a step in the right direction. Bees and other insects are on the decline due to loss of habitat. So why are they so important? A recent global study showed that a whopping one-third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees, insects, birds, and bats. 


knowing exactly where your food came from and precisely what went into producing it can never be underestimated. So many chemicals and pesticides are used to grow crops, and its slowly poisoning us. Organic produce costs the earth in the local store, but gardening gives us the freedom to grow our own. 


Because its pleasing on the eyes, aesthetics can go along way. A quote in a top home design magazine said that having a well-planted garden could add up to 13,000 USD on the value of your home. Not bad for a little bit of urban farming. 

Have you had success with urban farming? Comment below or share your photos by tagging @the.pitted.avocado or using #the.pitted.avocado

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