Mulch; every gardeners secret weapon

Using the mighty mulch to protect top soil and produce even better results in the garden has never been more popular. For those new to gardening ‘mulch’ is a layer of material that lies on top of the surface soil. Mulch is commonly associated with bieng made from wood chipping or organic matter. However i have seen the use of permanent plastic sheeting being used by many upcomming market gardeners. Plastic sheeting would be great for reducing weeding but for me mulch needs to be providing organic matter for the garden. I would go as far as saying its one of the most impotant factors in gardening for long term health.

I use mulch at the start of every growing season before planting anything. Then I will mulch again after the plants reach at least 4 inches in height. The layers of mulch are normally 2 inches (5 cm) or more deep when applied. I find this protects the plants more and prevents them from drying out.

Where there’s a market for gardening supplies, big businesses are not far behind. Mulch prices have gone through the roof. Luckily we have a mulch mixture to get you started for free.

Free Mulch mixture; 

mix grass cuttings, leaves and twigs from the garden. 

Place this material around the bases of all your plants and on any exposed areas of soil in your garden including pathways. Also works well in pots.

The mulch will give you the following free benefits for your soil; 

  • Reduced top soil erosion 

Wind and water erosion takes vital nutrients away from our gardens, making mulch a simple solution to the problem.

  • Regulate soil temperatures

Mulch insulates the top soil creating a mini micro climate. Keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. What roots wouldn’t like that deal.

  • Keeps valuable moisture locked in to the ground. 

Mulch greatly reduces the amount of soil evaporation. Meaning you have to water your plants less and your garden would be more resistant to any droughts.

  • Controls weeds

With no light getting directly to the soil, weeds are more controlled. You might get the odd one but just rip out, toss it on the compost heap and use if for more mulch. In the end just mulching the garden will lead to much less work.

  • Provides organic nutrients for your plants. 

I have seen people with baron plots of land completely convert landscapes just by using mulch. Thats a powerful statement! The mulch provided the organic matter and it also provided a unique micro habitat for insects and worms to live and contribute to soil health.

Have you had success with urban farming? Comment below or share your photos by tagging @the.pitted.avocado or using #the.pitted.avocado

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